Genuine Beauty



In our quest and search to understand genuine beauty and atmosphere we find associations with all kind of things. For example, when listening carefully to Max Richter’s recomposition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, one can understand how re-arrangement can reveal other involvements and different emotions. By carefully analysing an existing work and adding certain tones, highlighting different instruments at different moments, we rediscover the pure beauty of a musical masterpiece. For us, perception through listening has a stronger effect on the emotional interpretation than perception through sight. Nevertheless, we believe that there is a strong alliance between the process of making music and the process of designing buildings. Simply the fact that it is a matter of introducing order on several levels, seeking a balance between just the right amount and understanding when it is too much, wondering about atmosphere and creating it by experience and research. The best compliment for a musician is that the work is genuine. As for the long process of architecture, we must never forget to strive for this true sincerity, as it will generate genuine beauty in time.