In essence, architecture creates space. It creates space in which the daily life of its inhabitants becomes possible. Architecture brings boundaries to security and intimacy. It delineates emptiness so that space becomes a necessary place in which living can unfold, a place that can be made its own. The appropriation of a place is essential for being a person. A place that offers the possibility to be filled with memories and future plans of life. It is from this urge that housing arises. It gives the space identity, a personal story whose architecture creates the stage for individual development and from which cultural development can result on a larger scale. We see architecture and building as a means of living. With this in mind, architecture takes place modestly in the background, as the setting for life and as a method for staging. It ignores the stacking of stones or trying to answer a functional question. For us this is an essential attitude for designing spaces. Modesty in the service of the development of daily life and their inhabitants. Places that allow themselves to be appropriated so that the space can be filled with a personal story. So that architecture creates a setting and that a place will be lived.