As architects, we design in the knowledge that adding beauty to a context is always primarily to adding presence to the context. In such a way that beauty in architectural terms is part of a process and presence stresses out temporality.


By saying very little it is possible to highlight the underlying potential of a contextual structure. It is like planting seeds that will add value over time. Slowly evolving, making new friends. Seeking new companionship with the past as well as the future and in this way rooting its use and value in time.


To build in this way, the belief in observation is crucial, and more important than the image or the result. It is crucial to build further in the knowledge that is already there and to treat this knowledge as a friend who has the right to take the lead into the relevance of research. A basis to rely on as an unmistakable respect for evolution. We believe that if an architect understands the aspect of time, he is ready to reveal his contribution in time.