Sustainability – Empathy



We are convinced that it is an architect’s duty to study sustainability, since it is the most important challenge for the future. When we read the city, we understand that it is in a constant process of change. Therefore it is important that we realise the impact of the buildings we introduce. Looking at the relevance of sustainability, we believe that it is measured not only in solar panels and insulation, but also in kindness, attachment and empathy. Based on social and historical research, it is possible to define margins, programme and context. Starting from a well thought-out project definition, we are able to achieve sustainability on several levels. We try to understand and honour the specific character people experience in a place where their daily life transpires and seek ways to introduce elements that are missing and upgrade what is already good. With this attitude, we believe that empathy becomes part of our process of design-based research and will be framed as a sustainable value in time.