In his book ‘Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef’, Massimo Bottura writes about his belief that traditions should be examined and must be modified or adapted in order to survive. In architecture too we don’t copy buildings, we make new ones. We create new settings, nevertheless we look at the traditions of building and its historic appearance and evolution in order to be able to understand what we are creating and what we can add to write a new chapter. If we manage to re-interpret traditions we are also able to help them survive. By this process they will in time become new traditions that can go through the same process to all together express the richness of a city and become a part of evolution and history. An architect’s recipe is to use fragments, layers and context as knowledge to create a new dish. And as a good chef would acknowledge, you start with an idea or a concept, but it takes a lot of work to get it to its purest form. It takes time to embed it as a new recipe to be re-interpreted by others.