WV Architecten creates buildings that go into dialogue with society based on their identity. Starting from the structure, we interpret and define buildings that have the ambition to be robust and can therefore support communities both socially and culturally. We aspire to a sustainable basis that critically deals with materiality and what is already there. We try to make insightful and simple gestures without rationalizing to make the complexity of architecture interpretable and readable. WV Architecten recognizes the urgency of a low carbon approach and is committed to research into bio-based materials to contribute to the foundations of a healthy environment.

We invest in the constant process of observation, the research into tradition and metier that lay the ground for unpretentious buildings. We believe in creating values through suggestion and patience rather than through provocation. We recognize our responsibility in the evolution of the city and realize that we build further on to what is already there. We attach great importance to spatiality, atmosphere and the human need for margins and interpretation. Sustainability and generosity as a catalyst for evolution, refinement and empathy as the base for genuine pleasure